How to rent?

Every motorbike journey start end ends in Kampala, ICU guesthouse our home base. From here you can choose where to take your KIBO. We will provide you with suggestions and advice prior to your departure, for some examples please see below. The world is your oyster, take your adventure to a town such as Jinja or go on a safari in one of Uganda’s National Parks! Crossing borders is possible within the borders of the East-African countries; Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya.

Please, let us know:

  • which day you want to depart
  • how many bikes you want to rent
  • if you want to go crossborder

Our fleet consists seven Kibo k250s

Rental price is $65 per day per Kibo k250, this price includes third party insurance, camping gear and a 50 liter saddle bag. Additional all risk (comprehensive) insurance can be applied for, for $11 per day.


COMESA (yellow card) is mandatory to cross borders. Price of the COMESA depents on the duration of the trip.


Please check and read through our  terms and conditions.

Gorilla Trekking

473 km from Kampala

Bwindi national park

Murchison Falls

365 km from Kampala

Murchison Falls


425 km from Kampala

Tribe area

Sipi Falls

275 km from Kampala

Mt. Elgon

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I accept the terms of agreement, read this before going, it contains important travel information.

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