Our motorbike safaris

Travel through Uganda on a KIBO! Camp in the most breathtaking National Parks, chase adventure and experience the ultimate freedom!
Ready to choose your dream trip? Get inspired by UG-MOTOBIKEs basic tours. We are naturally curious about your expectations, because from there we can turn your trip into an unforgettable moment. Curious as to which motorbikes our fleet consists of? Check the following link, KIBO K250.
Maybe an organized trip is not really your style, and you would rather take the adventure into your own hands. No problem, because UG-MOTOBIKE also provides excellent rental service. Let us know when your adventure begins, and we will prepare a beautiful KIBO K250 for you so that you’re ready for adventure.

Do’s and Don’ts


Make sure that you always carry cash, a fully-charged mobile phone and sufficient clean water during your motorbike safari.

When you fill up your KIBO, make sure you know the location of the next petrol station. Plan your motorbike safari well.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! The weather is hot in Uganda and being a bike rider does not protect you from the sun’s rays

Due to the hot weather, you are at continuous risk of dehydration. Make sure you drink enough fluids during your motorbike safari.

Always clean up after yourself and don’t leave any rubbish behind, be nice to Uganda’s nature!

Put on long sleeves and pants when sunset starts, to reduse the change of mosquito bites.

Put on mosquito spray when sunset starts.


It is inadvisable to travel by night given that other road users tend to drive without lights.

Don’t try and cover as much distance as you can in one day, travelling is exhausting and takes much longer than you are used to in Europe.

Don’t dive into each and every lake on your path, the water can contain harmful bacteria.

Stick to the roads and paths in the national parks and do not try to follow any animals, they are after all wild life in their natural habitat.

Don't come too close to animals with big teeth, and don't you dare to feed them.

Don't capture police officers or soldiers on photo/video without asking for permission.


National parks in Uganda


Kilometer of the beaten tracks


Animal species

Biking Uganda, watch and enjoy!
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