About us

Who is this guy?

Hi! My name is Pim de Pooter, thank you for visiting my website. I love adventure and adrenaline, I like to combine these two thinks in nature. This is why I created the ideal job for myself; organizing motorcycle safaris in Uganda under a new concept of biking and camping. Many motorcyclists already travel this way, but so far there few options in Africa to fly in and get on a motorbike which is ready packed with camping gear. And I haven’t even mentioned unique Uganda! With this concept I want to provide people an unique experience with lots of adventure, nature and culture. And I support many communities with this concept. Most of the camping spots I added to my safaris, are ran by owners who share their profits with the community or employs their locals. The great thing about traveling by motorcycle I think, is that you easily reach to places where you can’t do so easy by car; you just have a little more freedom of movement. If you can pitch your tent in the most beautiful places and tell stories at the campfire in the evening, the picture is complete in my book! My military and nursing background allow me to apply many of the skills I learned before, in my current job.

Uganda?! Why?!

Yes! Uganda for sure. I did receive some reactions true Facebook or email which I think are not totally based on the truth; understandable! Uganda has had bad times in the past, and there is economic inequality and also corruption. But that does not mean that we cannot enjoy this beautiful country and its people. Since the arrival of mobile internet, access to information has increased for everyone. This results in business growth, prosperity, increase of tourism and the security has stabilized nowadays. The people are fed up with violence and seem ready for joy, freedom and peace. In my point of view the Ugandans are doing well. Uganda has an enormous diversity of climate and landscapes. From green hills to sandy expanses of savannah. From a fresh mountain climate to a warm subtropical climate. Wild rivers and soothing crater lakes. Each region has its own dialect, norms and traditions. The tribes have an enormous history, from the time of hunter-gatherers until the time of colonization. Characteristics from these times can still be found today. Every period has positive and negative sides, but both interesting to learn from if you ask me.

Okay, sounds good! But, how did you get to this idea?

I copied this way of traveling from my good friend Detlef and Marleen, they were the pioneers in Biking and Camping in Africa on a KIBO motorcycle. They were “WEMOTOBIKE” and started their motorcycle adventure in South America in 2015. They drove from north to south, to subsequently experience the same adventure in Africa. In Africa they drove a sponsored tour by KIBO. Their blog is still online and is very nice to read.

KIBO Africa is great company of a group of enthusiastic social entrepreneurs from Amsterdam who nobly strive for a safer traffic situation in East Africa. To achieve this goal they have developed the KIBO motor, a strong and durable motor designed in Holland, built in Kenya and made for Africa. Read the complete story of KIBO on link

My good friend Alain helps me with the design of the website UG-MOTOBIKE. Together we brainstorm a lot, which helps me to kickstart my bussiness. His media monkey team help me to build and maintain my website. They ensure that the website and social media remains up-to-date with the coolest blogs, photos and videos. So that we can make you warmed up for the best experiences.

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