Murchison madness

Murchison madness

Murchison madness is a fun nine-day route, culminating in a trip through the Murchison Falls National Park. On a ranking of UG-MOTOBIKE’s top three best motorcycle paths, Murchison falls is absolutely number one! Bordering the Nile delta and Lake Albert, this area has breathtaking views at sunset and at sunrise – check out the videos on the homepage and you will immediately know what I am talking about!

More reasons why this route is a favorite? She has a lot of off-road options, meaning we can make this route as hard as we want. The route is arranged so that we have plenty freedom of movement from one accommodation stop to the next. This allows us to adjust the off-road riding according to the condition of the group. And what’s more: this route is easy to ride all year round.


For some particulars, we ride about 1,400 kilometers in total, of which of around 25% is riding on paved roads and 75% on off-road and gravel paths. For this reason, as off-road riding is slightly different, it helps if you already have some experience on the motorbike. And as you might expect, the off-road tracks can be much more fun than riding on an asphalted highway.

Don’t have off-road experience yet? No problem, because you are not immediately thrown in at the deep end. The route is quite manageable in terms of the difficulty of off-road riding.


The starting price for this route covers your basic ‘camping & biking’ needs. This means that we camp using our own camping equipment at beautiful campsites or in the wilderness. We remain completely self-sufficient, which makes the adventure extra challenging and freeing. At each of the campsites, we are provided with local or international meals, always freshly prepared under clean conditions. Usually, we will have lunch on the way. At bush camping sites, we have so-called camping food packages.


Of course it is possible to adjust the trip according to your preferences. Maybe you want to travel longer, or a little more luxuriously. It is easily doable, for example, to trade-in camping for accommodation in more luxurious safari tents or lodges. Perhaps you would prefer to have a car drive alongside us, so that you can load all your stuff there instead of carrying it on the back of the motorbike? No at problem! Hear it now: you have plenty of options! I would love to hear what your wishes are, so that together we can create a nice and memorable journey together.


The base/stated price includes; third party insurance, accommodation, motorbike rental, camping equipment rental, park entrance fee, guide fee, fuel, three meals per day, and three liters of water per day.

9 Dagen

+/- 1400 Kilometers

Min. 2 riders Max. 6 riders

Intensity route: medium / heavy

Pictures of the route

Murchison madness

Itinerary per day:


  1. Kampala – Nakitoma guesthouse (168 km). On this day, we mainly ride on the highway and get out of traffic in Kampala. It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with your bike and traffic conditions. Depending on your wishes, we can end the day with a short off-road introduction of approximately one hour.
  2. Nakitoma – Busingiro eco-campsite (92 km). On this day, we ride about 30 km on the highway, and the rest is gravel road where some meters are elevated. We will end up in a beautiful forest where we will set up our tents next to a ranger camp. It is also possible, during the day, to partake in some chimpanzee trekking.
  3. Busingiro – Butiaba green beach resort (68 km). We head towards Lake Albert; this lake collects the water from the Victoria Nile and is the source of the White Nile river.
  4. Butiaba – Murchison River Lodge (71km). After a day of riding on sandy, dusty and unpaved roads, we will arrive at Murchison River Lodge. This is where we can relax in the pool, and watch the sunset alongside hippos and elephants. This day of resting and relaxation is important to prepare for the following day.
  5. Murchison River Lodge – Murchison Falls Bush Camp (100 km). Here, we will ride through the national park, where we are exposed to beautiful nature and wildlife. We will stay about 24 hours in the park and camp with a park ranger who watches over us during the night.
  6. Murchison Falls Bushcamp – Pakwach (45 km). This day, we will start with a beautiful sunrise ride with gorgeous landscapes and wildlife. It ends with our arrival to a beautiful lodge next to Pakwach: namely, Heritage lodge.
  7. Pakwach – Gulu family compound (homestay) (96 km). This ride is half highway and half gravel. We will stay in a family complex where we will have the real Ugandan experience. This area was a rebel area 20 years ago, and the people here are working hard and tirelessly to move beyond the past and improve their future prospects. The family with whom we stay has mastered the concept hospitality, and usually goes the extra mile to ensure that all our needs are met and that we have a good time. What’s more, they are open and willing to talk and educate us about their past. Very enriching!
  8. Gulu family compound (homestay) – Kafu campsite (180km). This ride passes by the beautiful Karuma Falls and is primarily on the highway. At the end of the day, it is possible to go for a sunset ride!
  9. Kafu campsite – Kampala (192 km). This day is a long ride on the road. When we arrive in Kampala, we will dine and toast to our successful trip, and take the time to share our photos and videos.

9 Dagen

+/- 1250 Kilometers

Max. 6 personen

Gemiddelde rijervaring

Pictures of the route

Murchison Madness route

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