Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls

The area surrounding Sipi Falls is often used as base camp for climbing Mt Elgon. With its spectacular waterfalls this location is indeed very special and exceedingly beautiful. Close to the waterfalls you encounter a wonderful vista over the plains at the base of Mt Elgon. It is a long ride to Sipi falls from Kampala in one day, so I recommend taking an overnight stay on the Nile at Jinja. There is a nice quiet campsite ‘Nile it’

Wildlife & activities

Climbing Mt Elgon will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot miss if you enjoy hiking. The Sipi Falls are of course named after the many waterfalls in the area and are most definitely worth visiting if you are to visit this part of the country.

Campsites & lodges

Moses campsite

This campsite is located on a plateau with an amazing view over the surrounding landscape. You can ask the friendly staff to direct you to a local guide for a short tour of the surrounding area. The campsite has a very basic set up, hot water for example is not provided. Overnight stays therefore come cheap.

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