Round lake Victoria

Round lake Victoria

A trip around Lake Victoria, the source of life in Eastern-Africa. It is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest lake on earth. With a surface area of 69 484 km2, it is almost the size of the Netherlands and Belgium combined. It is a great experience to discover this area by motorbike. The journey begins and ends at our base in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. You will fly to Entebbe airport, and from there it is an hour’s drive to our base.

We drive clockwise and cross the Nile river at Jinja, which outflows from victoria lake as the White Nile. This lifeline makes its way through Uganda and then via South Sudan to Sudan, where the two branches (the White and Blue Nile) meet at the capital Khartoum. The river then flows through Egypt to the north, to finally flow into the Mediterranean Sea in a wide delta. The Nile basin covers over 3 million km2, or onetenth of the African landmass, and is home to 160 million people. The total population of the 11 countries through which it flows and which are heavily dependent on the river, is 443 million.

Then we drive into beautiful Kenya.. We will drive parallel to the shores of Lake Victoria for a few days and then towards one of the worlds most famous nature parks Masai Mara. Here we will exchange the motorbikes for safari jeeps for one day to see the splendor of the park with all its flora and fauna. Our next country will be Tanzania. Here we see Lake Victory again and will even cross it by means of a (small) ferryboat/ferry. Furthermore, in this area, we will be enjoying the relaxed vibes that Tanzania is famous for. After Tanzania, it is time to discover Rwanda, a relatively small country but big in culture, history and development. As soon as we drive into Rwanda, you will get a completely different impression of this part of Africa. Tight asphalt roads with traffic signs, people who follow the rules, as well as beautiful green nature with volcanic landscapes. We stay for a day in Kigali to visit the genocide museum and ‘Hôtel des Mille Collines’ known from the film Hotel Rwanda.

After Rwanda we will discover beautiful Uganda. Uganda is often called the pearl of Africa and for good reason. Uganda is characterized by an enormous diversity. With about 10 national parks and 60 different tribes, Uganda is a paradise for motorcyclists. It is also one of the few African countries where you can drive through a national park by motorcycle. We will cross and spend the night at the (four?) following parks.

(first of is the) The Murchison Falls National Park covers an area of 3860 km2 and is also known as Kabalega Falls. It is about a six hour drive from Kampala. The Murchison Falls are located in this park. The Whithe Nile flows through the park from east to west and features wild waterfalls and rapids. In the park are Rothschild giraffes, Nile crocodiles, leopards, elephants, buffalo, lions, several species of antelope (including the ‘Ugandan Kob’) and various species of birds.

At 35 kilometres south of Fort Portal is the 766km2 Kibale Forest National park. This park features a savanna landscape with wetlands, crater lakes and tropical forests. It is home to chimpanzees, elephants, buffalo, warthogs and antelopes.

The snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains (‘Moon Mountains’) in the west of the country provide 3% of the population with water from its meltwater. The national park Which National park? covers an area of approximately 1000 km2. Mount Stanley is also located here, with 5109 meters the highest mountain in the country and the third highest in Africa.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most game-rich in Uganda, there are herds of elepehants, buffalo, hippos, baboons and antelopes. The park is almost 2000 km2 in size and has a savanna landscape with alternating swamps, rivers, lakes and tropical rainforest.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in southwestern Uganda near the border of Virunga National Park in Congo. About 340 mountain gorillas still live in the park, of which four families can be visited by tourists.

Because we have to deal with different climates during this trip and most motorcyclists (including our guides) want to ride outside the rainy seasons, this trip can only be booked in the months of December, January and February. The long rainy season in Kenya and Uganda lasts from March to June. In tanzania it lasts from June to November. This overlap in rainy seasons has to to do with winds blowing in opposite directs in the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres.


  • airport transfers
  • motorcycle, fuel and insurance
  • double room occupancy
  • breakfast and lunch
  • snacks, soft drinks and water
  • park entrance fees
  • motorcycle guide, mechanic
  • service car + trailer
  • Visa


  • single room supplement
  • flight ticket
  • other activities
  • tips and alcoholic drinks


  • single room supplement €350,-
  • rhino trekking €50,-
  • chimpanzee trekking €95,-
  • rafting on the Nile €135,-
  • boat trip to the Murchison Falls €35
  • gorilla permit $721,-

18 Days

+/- 3200 Kilometers

Min. 4 riders Max. 10 riders

Route intensity: medium.

Pictures of the route

Round lake Victoria

Itinerary per day.

  1. Entebbe – Kampala: airport transfer to hotel. +/- 50km.
  2. Kampala – Jinja: mainly highway and some traffic jams in Kampala. Driving in the morning, rafting on the Nile in the afternoon. +/-120km.
  3. Jinja – Kisumu: mainly highway and we are busy for a few hours at the border crossing UG-KE. +/- 235km.
  4. Kisumu – Tangulia: 50% asphalt and 50% gravel paths. +/- 245km.
  5. Maasai Mara; jeep safari, early departure late afternoon back to accommodation. rest day.
  6. Tangulia – Musoma: mainly asphalt. +/- 195km.
  7. Musoma – Mwanza: mainly gravel paths. +/- 217km.
  8. Mwanza -Biharamulo: 50% asphalt and 50% gravel paths, ferry 1.5h over Victoria Lake. +/- 235km.
  9. Biharamulo – Kigali: mainly asphalt.
  10. Visit to genocide museum and Hôtel des Mille Collines. rest day.
  11. Kigali – Kibuye: mainly asphalt. +/- 220km.
  12. Kibuye – Lake Mutanda: mainly asphalt. +/- 205km.
  13. Lake Mutanda – Bwindi: mainly gravel paths. +/- 110km.
  14. Bwindi – Queen Elizabeth NP: mainly gravel paths. +/- 180km.
  15. Queen Elizabeth NP – Murchison falls: mainly gravel paths in the afternoon chimpanzee trekking. +/- 200km.
  16. Murchison falls – Masindi: mainly gravel paths, in the afternoon boat trip on the Nile. +/- 140km.
  17. Masindi – Kampala: mainly highway, rhino trekking in the afternoon. +/- 225km.
  18. Kampala – Entebbe, airport transfer from hotel.

Round lake Victoria route

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