Bwindi Beauty

Bwindi Beauty

Bwindi Beauty’ is a beautiful adventurous route that is located in the southwest of the country. This route passes through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This rainforest is known as home to our cousins, the mountain gorillas. Southwestern Uganda is characterized by the diversity of landscapes. Think green mountains, rainforest, vast green plains and dry savannas. People who have already rode this route experienced it as if they rode through four different countries. The route lasts 10 days, of which 8 days of riding which is quite intensive, on average a distance of 150 to 300 km is driven per day. Since this route cuts through the rainforest of the mountain gorillas, we keep one day available for the gorilla trekking. This is a full day where you get up early and after a nice walk, spend time with one of the four gorilla families that have been made accessible for tourism. Because the mountain gorillas have a regular lifestyle, it is therefore 100% certain that you will meet them if you apply for the gorilla trekking permit. A typical mountain gorilla day begins with a 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM awakening, followed by two hours of foraging. Between 10am and 2pm, the adult group members take it easy and take a nap or enjoy a sunbathe. The younger group members romp with each other. Between 3 and 5 p.m., they forage again as they move through their territory. By six in the evening they collect branches and leaves to build their nests on the ground or in the tree. Every day they make a new nest to sleep in, which also makes it easy for the park rangers to follow them 24/7.

‘Bwindi Beauty’ has two types of climates, tropical savanna climate and maritime climate. This means that you have to be prepared for rain, cold and heat in terms of clothing. The best time to travel for this route is in February and from May to September. We drive around 1800 kilometers of which we drive about 35% on paved roads and about 65% on off-road and gravel paths.


Please note. Apply for a Gorilla permit at least three months in advance, the costs are $700.


  • airport transfers
  • motorcycle, fuel and insurance
  • double room occupancy
  • breakfast, lunch
  • snacks, soft drinks and water for the road
  • park entrance fees
  • motorcycle guide, mechanic
  • trailer + driver

Not included:

  • single room supplement
  • airline ticket
  • Other activities
  • tip and alcoholic drinks


  • Highlight city tour in Kampala $150,-
  • single room supplement $220,-
  • gorilla trekking permit $720,-
  • chimpanzee trekking permit $150,-

10 days

+/- 1800 Kilometers

min. 4 persons Max. 10 people

Route intensity: medium/heavy

Pictures of the route

Bwindi Beauty

Itinerary per day.

1. Entebbe Airport – Kampala. Arrival day, airport pick-up and transfer to the hotel by the care of UG-Motobike.

2. Kampala – Lake Mburo (236 km). This drive is mainly highway and some traffic jams in Kampala. This situation means that you quickly become accustomed to the driving behavior of the motorcycle and your fellow road users. The last 50 km we drive on gravel paths. Today we cross the equator. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s really true that water turns to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, now is the time.

3. Lake Mburo – Lake Mutanda (285 km). On this day we drive on 70% paved and the rest on unpaved roads. We start the day with a scenic drive in the wild through Lake Mburo National Park. There are many wildlife to see in the park, including hippos, giraffes, zebras, wild boars and many different species of birds. To end the day we drink a cold beer with a great view of the lake in one of the best lodges in Uganda.

4. Lake Mutanda – Bwindi forest (111 km). This day is mainly off-roading on narrow mountain trails, then 10km of highway, and then just gravel roads through the beautiful rainforest Bwindi, home to the gorilla and a host of other monkey and bird species.

5. Bwindi forest (day of rest). If you feel like gorilla trekking, this is your chance. Please note that the permit must be applied for 3 months in advance and the cost for this is 700 usd excluding transfer fees (3%).

6. Bwindi forest – Rubirizi (150 km). On this route we only drive on unpaved roads that cut through, among other things, the Queen Elizabeth National Park, with a view of large expanses of savannas where wild elephants or buffalo regularly cross. To finally arrive at the beautiful old crater lakes.

7. Rubirizi – Fort Portal (132 km). This day we drive 50% paved roads and 50% unpaved roads. We drive along beautiful green hills separated by ancient crater lakes. We end up in the beautiful old town of Fort Portal. Where English architecture is still clearly visible, this architecture came over during the time of English colonization. In the background during this drive we see Mt Rwenzori, the third highest mountain in Africa. These mountains are covered with glaciers which in turn is one of the largest water source for the Nile River. The Rwenzori Mountains reach heights of up to 5,109 meters.

8. Portal Fort – Hoima (195 km). We drive parallel to Lake Albert to the city of Hoima. The recent discovery of petroleum in the region is attracting more and more people who find work in the many activities that the industry entails. The traces that this industry leaves behind are clearly visible.

9. Hoima – Kampala (265 km). Last day to Kampala. In the morning it is possible to go for the chimpanzee trekking near Masindi. Lots of highway, when we arrive in Kampala, we toast our journey and finish
with delicious pizza and beer in one of Kampala’s best restaurants.

10. Kampala – Entebbe. Unfortunately, every adventure also comes to an end, this day it’s time to say goodbye and is all about airport drop-off by care of UG-Motobike.

The Bwindi Beauty route

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